Trading for Massive Profits

The secret to trading for massive profits is three-fold:

  1. Slow, consistent, daily gains (average win rate > loss)
  2. Saving, or “HODLing”, Bitcoin.
  3. Understanding the nature and future price of Bitcoin

Number 3 is the easiest if you simply take the time to read and understand the fundamental benefits of Bitcoin’s technology, and its implications for all of humanity. In doing so, you will know exactly why and how Bitcoin can become a worldwide, global store of value that forever replaces gold, and will never go to zero.


Number 2 is harder, but still relatively easy. As long as you can live within your means and resist the temptation to sell your Bitcoin for money that you need or desire today, you will ultimately succeed, with your wealth growing along with Bitcoin’s value.


Number 1 is the hardest. It takes solid money management, risk management, emotional control, technical understanding, and practice, to trade well and earn daily profits. But it can definitely be done!


In addition, we coordinate high quality pumps while avoiding price dumping. While pump and dumps are notorious in the markets, we eschew the chance to make quick money on frenzied / panic pumps. When we coordinate a pump we do everything possible to ensure that everyone who was ready at the right moment has a chance to profit, while doing everything possible to avoid our members deliberately dumping the price of the asset immediately after. We prefer to maintain growth, and the key to this is simply education.


We have 600+ days until Bitcoin’s next parabolic price movement. If we’re lucky, 800+ days, giving us more time to accumulate BTC.

These days will pass us by QUICKLY. Every single day that you don’t get started is one more day in which you’re losing a chance to secure for yourself a powerful foundation of wealth in the near future.


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